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Missing Mondrians - distribution list

The MM post is becoming overcrowded and so I will log the editions, printings and sendings here.

All copies to date have been printed by Lulu. They provide an excellent service.

date edition printed remaining cost comments
Jul 2011 1st draft 1 1 £2.99 in stock
Aug 2011 2nd draft 1 1 £5.10 + £2.99 more expensive binding
Aug 2011 3rd draft 1 1 £6.09 cover image inexplicably dark
Jul 2012 4th draft 3 2 £16.08 + £4.99 1 to Charles Darwent - 2 in stock: 1 clean, 1 with notes
Dec 2012 5th draft 5 2 £21.44 + £6.99 1 in stock, copies left at Mondrian exhibitions at Tate Liverpool and Turner Contemporary. 1 sent to Luis Diaz.
Aug 2014 1st edition 10 8 £40.20 + £11.49 1 to the British Library, 1 to Nancy Troy. 5 being kept in reserve for the other British Deposits.
Mar 2015 1st edn, 2nd print 10 0 £35.38 + £11.49 Delivered 24th March. It contains a new And Finally section covering one of  my Mondrian Theories.
2Apr15 - copies sent to Mark Caywood and Yvonne Louis.
14Apr15 Copies sent to Marty Bax, E.A. Carmean Jr., Jeffrey Gundlach, V&A. Lucy Howarth (16th).
6Jul15 Copies sent to Blotkamp, Bois and Postma.
Jul 2015 1st edn, 3rd print 10 8 £40.20 + £11.49 Delivered 10th July. It includes a section explaining the copyright position and the references to the Mondrian / Holtzman Trust have been updated appropriately.
13Jul Copy to John Milner. 23Jul one to my sister.

The plan is to send copies to a variety of appropriate parties, notably the dedicatees (Mondrian experts), at least those still alive, and fellow Mondrian enthusiasts. Library copies might be demanded by the five other Legal Deposits and a couple of copies will probably be sent to the Library of Congress (that plan abandoned for copyright reasons). I also leave a copy anonymously in the bookshop of any Mondrian exhibit I visit.

[2Apr15] The next few copies will probably be sent to E.A. Carmean Jr, Marty Bax, the V&A, Lucy Howarth and perhaps Mr. Gundlach.
[13Apr15] 4of5 ready to send but no address found for Lucy Howarth.
I'll have to order another 10 copies, but will add notes on copyright first.
[14Apr15] 4 sent today and I now have Lucy's address.
[21Apr15] time to send off another two copies and then order another ten. Perhaps John Milner and Yve-Alain Bois as I have probable (institutional) addresses for these.
[11May15] I have not yet sent the Milner and Bois copies. I am rather disappointed with the lack of response from the copies sent, however, if I had to choose four recipients to receive replies from, I couldn't do better than Nancy Troy (author of my favourite book on PM), Lucy Howarth (Marlow Moss authority), Mark Caywood (the finest PM homagiste) and Yvonne Louis (a lovely person and author of a lovely book that pertains to PM).
I am currently reading through my PM emails and have learned that I sent a copy of an earlier version to Luis Diaz, Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Brighton). I am not certain which version I sent, but it was mailed in July 2014, so it was probably the 5th draft.
[22 May15] The V&A library has acknowledged receipt by email, "We are delighted to add it to the NAL collections, and I have now accessioned and catalogued it."
[1 Jun15] A lovely email from Marty Bax, further details to follow. My glum reaction to the lack of responses may have been premature and unreasonable given the lives other folks lead. Enthused by the replies from the V&A & Marty Bax, I plan, before long, to send two more, update v3 with copyright details and print another 10.
[22Jun15] The third print, containing copyright details, is ready go. Just waiting for a good discount offer from Lulu. [2Jul15] 25% discount on orders of 10+.
[6Jul15] Copies of the 2nd print sent to Blotkamp, Bois and Postma. Letter ready for Milner. I am thinking again about sending a couple to the Library of Congress: is it a copyright infringement only if I charge? Milner copy sent 13Jul.

Copies sent (or just left)
date to edition response
Jul 2012 Charles Darwent 4th draft email 24Jul12
May 2014 Turner Contemporary 5th draft none
Jul 2014 Tate Liverpool 5th draft none
Jul 2014 Luis Diaz, U Brighton 5th draft (probably) email 18Aug14
Jan 2015 British Library 1st edn. letter 4Mar15
Feb 2015 Nancy Troy 1st edn. email 19Mar15
2Apr15 Yvonne Louis 1st edn. 2nd printemail 28Apr15
2Apr15 Mark Caywood 1st edn. 2nd print email 8Apr15
14Apr15 Marty Bax 1st edn. 2nd print email 29May15
14Apr15 E.A. Carmean Jr. 1st edn. 2nd print none
14Apr15 Jeffrey Gundlach 1st edn. 2nd print none
14Apr15 V&A 1st edn. 2nd print email 20th May
16Apr15 Lucy Howarth 1st edn. 2nd print email 21Apr15
6Jul15 Carel Blotkamp1st edn. 2nd print email from Carel 12Jul
6Jul15 Yve-Alain Bois 1st edn. 2nd print
6Jul15 Frans Postma 1st edn. 2nd print
13Jul15 John Milner 1st edn. 3rd print

name dates comments
Marty Bax 1956- we share a birthday, 10th Nov, me in 1954, Marty in 1956. Copy sent 14Apr15, a lovely reply 29th May.
Carel Blotkamp Sent 6Jul15, email 12Jul: has not read it yet.
Cees Boekraad still alive but no contact details found
Yve-Alain Bois 1952- at the The Institute for Advanced Study, School of Historical Studies, Princeton, New Jersey. Sent 6Jul15
E.A. Carmean Jr. might now be an Episcopalian minister, see this 1998 NY Times article.Copy sent 14Apr15
Harry Holtzman 1912-1987 Too late.
Lucy Howarth Copy sent 16Apr15, delightful email reply 21st April.
Hans Janssen still alive but no contact details found
Joop M. Joosten 1926- still looking
John Milner at the Courtauld, waiting for the 3rd print, sent 13Jul
Frans Postma Sent 6Jul15
Robert P. Welsh 1932-2000 Too late.

library sent response
British Library Jan 2015 acknowledged 4Mar15
Other deposit libraries
V&A 14Apr15 email 20th May, added to the V&A catalogue
Library of Congress unlikely for US copyright reasons

Other Possibilities
name sent comments
Ellen Lupton author of Indie Publishing
Jenny Newton who taught me to use Adobe InDesign at Greenwich community college
Mark Caywood Apr 2015 Mondrian hero, address provided 20th March, copy sent 2Apr15, fullsome email reply 8th April.
Michael Sciam address requested 16th March and again 12th July 2015.
Jeffrey Gundlach 14Apr15 suggest that he could commission recreations, no reply
Yvonne Louis Apr 2015 author of A Brush with Mondrian, copy sent 2Apr15, email reply 28Apr.

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