Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mondrian homage with vital input from Kleint, Vianini and Brio, 2011

Mondrian painted New York City (oil on canvas) in 1942.

 Boris Kleint created Little New York City, Mondrian Variation II (acrylic on wood) in 1983.

Claudio Vianini's private collection includes 1942 Piet Mondrian, which was found on his train-oriented web site.


I have a variety of pastimes, but the largest is Mondrian, his works and influence. I have a web site which devotes quite a lot of space to the subject.

Today, while looking for an image of a 1927 Mondrian, I found a blog whose author has an interesting logo. Here's the blog and here's the logo.

It is a variation on B190 Composition No.III with Red, Yellow and Blue, 1927.
I would like to add it to my homages pages, but first I have to work out how to contact the author.