Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mondrian Nudes

Mondrian A647 Evolution
1. Mondrian Evolution, 1911
Mondrian A647 Evolution detail
2. Evolution, detail
Mondrian drew and painted a surprising number of nudes. Probably the best known is 1. Evolution (Evolutie), 1911 (A647). The image on the right (2) is a detail.

Mondrian B7 Large Nude
3. Large Nude, 1912
Image 3 is one of the abstract nudes, The Large Nude, 1912 (B7).

The remaining works are shown in chronological order.

Mondrian A126 Standing Nude Girl with Raised Arms
4. Standing Nude Girl with Raised Arms, c.1900
Standing Nude Girl with Raised Arms, c.1900 (A126), 4.

Mondrian A127 Standing Male Nude
5. Standing Male Nude, 1901
Standing Male Nude, 1901 (A127), 5.

Mondrian A643 Standing Female Nude
6. Standing Female Nude, c.1908
Standing Female Nude, c.1908 (A643), 6.

Mondrian A645  Nude, Bust Portrait
7. Nude, Bust Portrait, c.1909-11
Female Nude, Bust Portrait, c.1909-11 (A645), 7

Mondrian A646  Nude Study for Evolution
8. Nude Study for Evolution, 1911
Nude Study for Evolution, 1911, (A646), 8.

Mondrian B9  Reclining Nude
9. Reclining Nude, 1912
Image 9 is, strangely, classified amongst the abstracts, Reclining Nude, 1912 (B9).

Mondrian B10  Nude
10. Nude, 1914

Mondrian Nude Homages

Following on from Mondrian's own nudes, here is a collection of nude responses to Mondrians taken from my various homage pages. These two entries were occasioned by finding Heidi Mulder's pieces.

Heidi Mulder Mondrian Nude 1,
Heidi Mulder Mondrian Nude 1, Oil/Acrylic on canvas, 100cmx100cm.
From the artist, The painting shows an interaction with Piet Mondrian's work. Composition in Red, Blue and Yellow. The artwork derives from chaos and a lack of order in my own mind and external life resulting in a need to pare back and simplify my world and to become more spiritually connected. Emotion-based watery lines unlike Mondrian's more controlled technique now have been overlapped with an organic, feminine self-portrait.

Heidi Mulder Mondrian Nude 2,
Heidi Mulder Mondrian Nude 2, Oil/Acrylic on canvas, 100cmx100cm.
The aerial view shows the artist looking at herself and has an almost ‘astral’ quality. The white background represents the purity and cleanliness of personal spirit. The lines that intersect through the figure represent that we are not solid beings and that we are indeed spirit inhabiting a physical body. Perhaps the aim of this painting is to describe the interaction of the feminine and masculine or even the interaction of physical and spiritual existence.

Tom Wesselmann 

Monica Sitting with Mondrian

Tom Wesselmann Monica Sitting with Mondrian, a  limited edition print which sells for several thousand dollars. 

Dawn Grant Nude admires Mondrian 

Dawn Grant, who used to sell her works on ebay, painted this commission, Nude admires Mondrian for The Collection.

I have never been sure of the title or artist of this image, but it is somewhere in here: Kompozicija II, 1995. Piet Mondrian, Zoran Naskovski,Bata Krgovic. The link comes and goes but at the time of writing is here.

Ed HernandezA Neoplasticism Tattoo #1

Ed Hernandez, A Neoplasticism Tattoo #1