Saturday, 30 June 2012

Mondrian Nudes

Mondrian A647 Evolution
1. Mondrian Evolution, 1911
Mondrian A647 Evolution detail
2. Evolution, detail
Mondrian drew and painted a surprising number of nudes. Probably the best known is 1. Evolution (Evolutie), 1911 (A647). The image on the right (2) is a detail.

Mondrian B7 Large Nude
3. Large Nude, 1912
Image 3 is one of the abstract nudes, The Large Nude, 1912 (B7).

The remaining works are shown in chronological order.

Mondrian A126 Standing Nude Girl with Raised Arms
4. Standing Nude Girl with Raised Arms, c.1900
Standing Nude Girl with Raised Arms, c.1900 (A126), 4.

Mondrian A127 Standing Male Nude
5. Standing Male Nude, 1901
Standing Male Nude, 1901 (A127), 5.

Mondrian A643 Standing Female Nude
6. Standing Female Nude, c.1908
Standing Female Nude, c.1908 (A643), 6.

Mondrian A645  Nude, Bust Portrait
7. Nude, Bust Portrait, c.1909-11
Female Nude, Bust Portrait, c.1909-11 (A645), 7

Mondrian A646  Nude Study for Evolution
8. Nude Study for Evolution, 1911
Nude Study for Evolution, 1911, (A646), 8.

Mondrian B9  Reclining Nude
9. Reclining Nude, 1912
Image 9 is, strangely, classified amongst the abstracts, Reclining Nude, 1912 (B9).

Mondrian B10  Nude
10. Nude, 1914

The other abstract nude (B10), 10.

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