Sunday, 17 February 2013

Mondrian ID documents

Finding a couple of new ones recently in Henkels prompted this list of known identity documents.
There are (with sources in brackets, where I've noted it):

  • 25 May 1909 Theosophical Society membership certificate (Henkels)
  • 1 Jun 1912 Louvre copyist's permit (Bax)
  • Mondrian's calling card with map added by PM (26 Rue du D├ępart)
  • 22 May 1940 GB identity document (from Tate Etc magazine)
  • 22 Sep 1941 Declaration of Intention to become a US citizen (Henkels)
  • 3 Oct (?) 1940 US Identification Card
Theosphical Society

Louvre pass
calling card
GB registration document

US Declaration of Intention
US identification card

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