Friday, 3 February 2012

Mondrian portrait

Mondrian's A144 is Seated Woman with Arms Crossed, painted in 1898-1900. The subject is thought to be the Dutch writer Til Brugman or Noortje, the wife of Mondrian's artist friend Simon Maris

I love the pose and have sought to encourage others to portray themselves in this way. But no response. There are a few similar Mondrian pieces which I'll add in due course, but apart from that, I'll pursue it through one of me and bits and pieces found elsewhere.

Here's a photograph, taken today, which will provide the basis for a painting. (There's a lucky, unintentional, reflection of one of the Mondrian windows in my specs.)

Then we have Aaron Shikler's 1970 portrait of J.F. Kennedy.

And a 1st-2nd century Roman mask from the British Museum.

Any other contributions will be welcomed.

Here's the original web page.

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