Saturday, 16 July 2011


Mondrian teapot by Art4 Ceramics
1. Mondrian teapot by Art4 Ceramics
The Collection, although currently archived, contains much stuff to be celebrated.

Today it's the teapot, one of the most expensive pieces in the Collection and one of the most perfectly-formed.

Mondrian teapot by Enesco
2. Mondrian teapot by Enesco
A second entirely different but equally pleasing teapot acquired in March 2013 for a mere £3.19 on ebay.

Mondrian teapot by CK
3. Mondrian teapot by CK (CBK?)

The third is a relatively ordinary offering by CK Ltd of Tawain, offered on ebay for £60 in January 2013. I didn't check whether anyone bought it: I certainly didn't bid. I have a number of similar pieces by CBK in The Collection: it could well be the same crew.

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