Monday, 2 May 2011

Mondrian stamps

Stamps offer some of the neatest and prettiest homages and references to PM and most of them come from Holland.

The only item remaining on display from The Collection is a frame of stamps, cards and first day covers.

The items are, from the top,
  • a first day cover of the 1983 issue, showing Mondrian's Composition with Blue, Yellow, Red and Grey, 1922 (B134) on the 50c and Maison Particulière by Van Doesburg and Van Eesteren on the 65c. Van Doesburg was the original owner of B134.
  • an FDC of the 1994 issue (50th anniversary of PM's death) showing a detail of Mill, 1911 (A692) on the 70c; Lozenge Composition with Four Yellow Lines, 1933 (B241) and part of a frock on the 80c; and a detail of Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43(B323) on the 90c.
  • maxi-cards for the 1983 Mondrian and all of the 1994 issue, beautifully designed.
  • the individual stamps for those issues, plus a stamp from Togo showing Composition C, 1920, (B107).

Further details here.

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